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Don't waste time and money towing long distances. We can put you in touch with clients wishing to rent a caravan in your area.

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As we match caravans in the desired area, there is no need for the rental client to tow your caravan. You deliver and secure the caravan for their use and then collect it at an agreed time and date. Rent & Reward insurance is now available for delivered caravans from a UK insurer. Click here to be linked to their website.

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Clients can use our map feature to identify and match campsites with caravans available near.

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You can list up to 5 caravans under the same registration. If you need more please contact us to discuss your needs.

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click_here_advert Caravan Rental

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We recommend our owners deliver and secure their caravans in the chosen locations. The caravan is therefore the owners responsibility during the critical towing stage. Owners can specify how far they are prepared to tow / deliver their caravans. This information appears in the caravan detail page.

You need to be competitive with other caravans of a similar age and with the same number of beds. If you live in an area of specific interest which create high demand you might be able to charge slightly more. Remember, you can advertise in our "Featured Caravan" section to offer a descount for a specific period.

Yes... but remember to mention this in your caravan detail page. You should also mention whether it is a full or part awning.

No... people are interested in all caravans for their chosen activities. However you must be accurate and honest about the condition of your caravan. The age should also be reflected in the price you charge.

We recommend that all owners charge a deposit which is refundable on return of the caravan in the same condition it was delivered. We recommend that you take photo’s of the caravan before it is handed over in case of disputes. But remember to secure the van so that it cannot be moved and thereby reduce the risk of damage. Rent and Reward Caravan insurance is now available from a UK Insurer. Visit www.my-caravan-insurance.co.uk for more details.

The hirer should book and pay for the campsite. Owners should check with reception when returning to collect their caravan that all fees have been paid. Any deposit should only be returned after the site fees have been settled.

Yes... but you need to be confident in the security arrangements and that the renter has the permission / right to position the caravan on the chosen location. You should also ensure that the caravan is secured in position.

We recommend that owner and hirer exchange landline phone numbers, plus ask the hirer to bring with them two recent utility bills in the hirers name at the time of exchange. Owners should take a photo of these documents at handover.

We recommend that you do. This gives you a chance to show the renter the features of your caravan plus arrange for the handover of the keys.

We recommend that you review the caravan with the renter at the time of collection and assuming there is no damage return the deposit.

We would recommend to our owners to include cleaning as an extra charge in your web page and make it clear on delivery that the van should be returned in the same state as it is handed over. Failure to return the van clean would result in an extra change which may be retained from the deposit.

Whilst the renter might be travelling some considerable distance to their destination, you will most likely be local. We therefore recommend that they arrange to call you when they are within a pre-agreed travel time of the destination so that you can arrive at the campsite at the same time. This will avoid delays and ensure a smooth handover of the caravan.

No.... the postcode in the entry sheet is only used for locating the caravan on the search map. We encourage our advertisers to use the postcode of a public building (School / Library / Hospital / Police Station) as the "base location". This will be used as the "start point" for the delivery radius.

We recommend that you comply with the same health and safety conditions as a static caravan. This would include an annual service for your caravan which must include (NB: these might change from time to time please check on the internet from time to time for any updates)... An up to date annual gas landlord’s safety certificate. Annual PAT test certificate for all electrical appliances older then 12mths. A fixed electrical installation certificate (this is normally valid for 3 years). Fire extinguisher. Smoke alarm. Carbon Monoxide detector.

As we recommend that your caravan should only be towed by you the risk is reduced. You should consult with your insurance company to ensure that your insurance is not invalidated. Rent & Reward insurance is now available through a UK Insurer for caravans towed and delivered by the owner. Visit www.my-caravan-insurance.co.uk for more details.

Most likely YES. You should check any tax liability with your accountant or tax advisor.

Yes... Firstly log in at the top right hand corner of the page at any time. You will then see, again in the top right hand corner a link to your "Dashboard".This will provide you access to all your entered information, which can then be updated at any time.